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Daegu Haany University was established in 1980 as a major regional higher education institute focusing on fostering the talents for the local community. However, the world is now evolving rapidly into a knowledge-information society with advancement of information technology.

The world has been smaller and it became a global society. Globalization places individuals and organizations into unlimited competition on the world stage.

In response to this change, this university is focusing on educating talented people with global skills by proactively adjusting the educational goals and direction to the new three prong paradigm: Focalized, Venture oriented and international University.

In order to train these talents the world and local community need, this university has reformed its curriculum into a bio-technology(BT), culture technology(CT), and information technology(IT), and offers specialized training and research programs. Daegu Haany University is a leading higher educational institute in Korean traditional medicine and its related industries. This university has four colleges of traditional medicine, health and human services, herbal bio-industry, international culture and information, and human ecology science.

This university is also offering cyber education programs for the students who want to take courses by online. This university will be with a great higher education institute to grow not only with local community but also national and international community for the health and prosperity of the human beings.