Postgraduate Program

Postgraduate Structure : four postgraduate schools.

List of Programs

Postgraduate Course Major
Graduate School


Eastern philosophy, Youth Studies, Lifelong Education Convergence, Oriental Medicine Food Science, Cosmeticeutical Science, Herbal Biotechnology, Architecture·Safety and Environmental Prevention,

Addiction Control Convergence), Medical Science(Physical Therapy, Clinical Pathology), Pharmaceutical Engineering, Korean Medicine

Combined Master's & Doctorate *Korean Medicine
Ph. D

Eastern philosophy, Welfare Management,
Lifelong Education Convergence, Public Health Science,
Oriental Medicine Food Science, Cosmeticeutical Science,

Herbal Biotechnology, Addiction Control Convergence, Korean Medicine

Graduate School of
Public Health & Welfare

Social Welfare, Fengshui and Tourism, Police Administration,

Adolescent Family Counseling,

Public Health(public health, public health beauty arts, public health nursing science),

Art·Speech Pathology(music therapy, speech therapy, clinical art therapy)

Graduate School of Oriental Medicine Industry Master

Food Service and Medicated Cookery Science,

Oriental Medicine Industry

(Oriental medicinal pharmaceutical science, Oriental medicine food industry, Oriental medicine cosmetics industry, Oriental medicine skin care)

Graduate School of Education (seasonal) Master * Chinese letter education, Adolescence Counseling, TESOL English,

'*' : for local students only