Undergraduate Program at Daegu Haany University

University Structure

  • 4 colleges, 11 Faculties, 14 departments(25 majors)
First Entry
  • An applicant who is a foreigner and completed high-school (or year 12 equivalent) within Korea or other countries whose parents are both from countries other than Korea
  • An applicant should have TOPIK 2 or TOEFL 530(CBT 197, iBT 71). CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, or TEPS 600 or above
(Third Year)
  • An applicant, whose parents also are from countries other than Korea, who has academic qualification in vocational education, or obtained diploma or associate Bachelor's degree in educational institute recognised by Korean government.
  • An applicant who have completed second year, or fourth semester in a university within Korea or other countries, and have obtained certain amount of academic credit required by the university.
  • An applicant should have TOPIK 3 or TOEFL 530(CBT 197, iBT 71). CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, or TEPS 600 or above.

Application Requirements

  • Entrants with TOPIK2 are required to undertake 250-hour Korean language program within the first year period. If an entrant with TOPIK2 gains TOPIK3 in her/his first semester, required hour for Korean language program will be decreased to 120hours
  • Entrants with TOPIK 2 or 3 must obtain TOPIK 4 or above, in order to graduate.


Colleges Departments
Korean Medicine
  • Department of Korean Medicine (for local students only)
  • Department of Nursing (for local students only)
Herbal Bio-Industry
  • Faculty of Bio Convergence(Cosmeceutical Science, Food Science & Biotechnology, Natural Cosmetic Ingredient)
  • Faculty of Cosmetics Science(Cosmetics Science, Industrial Quality Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering), Dept. of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Free major
Medical Science
  • Faculty of Health Science(Health Management, Occupational Safety & Health)
  • Dept. of Physical Therapy
  • Dept. of Clinical Pathology
  • Faculty of Medical Industry Convergence(Biomedical Engineering, Medical IT and Data Science, Smart IT)
  • Dept. of Arts Therapy
  • Faculty of Herbal Food Cuisine & Nutrition(Food Science & Cuisine, Food Science & Nutrition)
  • Dept. of Medical Business Administration
  • *Dept. of Secondary Special Education
  • Dept. of Herbal Sports Medicine
  • Dept. of Beauty Care Industry
Wellness Convergence
  • Dept. of Adolescent Education and Counseling
  • Dept. of Child Welfare
  • Dept. of Counselling Psychology
  • Faculty of Trade & Economics(Tax Finance Major, Global Business Major)
  • Faculty of Global Tourism(Dept. of Airline Service, Dept. of Hotel & Tourism)
  • Dept. of Police Administration
  • Dept. of Fire Safety and Disaster Management
  • Faculty of Healing Industry(Dept. of Natural Resources, Dept. of Aroma Applied Industry)
  • Faculty of Architectural Design(Dept. of Interior Design , Dept. of Sustainable Architecture)
  • Faculty of Senior Welfare and Sport(Dept. of Gerokinesiology and Sport Business, Dept. of Senior Welfare)
  • Note : '*' not available for international students

Required documents

Required documents
No. Documents New
1 Application form
(5 photos, 3.5cm*4.5cm)
O O Portrait photograph in natural color with white background
2 Certificate of family relationship
or equivalent in an applicant's country
O O If an applicant is belonged to the different family due to marriage or other reason, notarized certificate of kinship should be provided
  • Applicant's statement of academic
    completion (original) *1
  • Applicant's statement of academic
    completion (copy) *1
  • Notarial Certificates for each document provided
O O  
  • Applicant's academic transcript (original) *1
  • Applicant's academic transcript (copy) *1
  • Notarial Certificates for each document provided
O O  
  • Certificate of TOPIK Level transcript, or
  • English Language Proficiency Test Result
O O  
  • Applicant's Certificate of Enrolment or
  • Statement of Academic Completion
  • Documents, with an apostille,
    that certifies an applicant's academic
    background or Confirmed academic
    background documents by Korean Embassy
  • All Document must be verified by the Korean Embassy to his/her country or Embassy of his/her country to Korea.
  • Financial sponsor's bank statement with US $18,000 deposited longer than 1month
O O  
  • Copy of an applicant's passport
O O  
  • Applicant's self introduction (in DHU's format,
    to be hand written in Korean language)
  • Applicant's academic background including date of graduation and name of the institutes from elementary school to the latest school should be stated
  • Applicant's study plan(in DHU's format,
    to be hand written in Korean language)
  • Motivation and study plan
  • Goal of the study
  • Reference letter from an applicant's previous
    academic staff (optional)

  • If applicant wishes to submit reference letter written in form other than DHU's, she/he should provide translated copy of an original into Korean or English
  • Those who submitted can receive additional consideration for her/his application
  • Applicant's consent for academic background check
    (should be filled in Korean)
  • For graduates of non-Korean institutes only
  • Financial sponsor's certificate of employment
    (or certificate of business operation) * 1
  • Financial sponsor's certificate of income * 1
  • including owner’s signature in company in service, contact method and date
15 A copy of an applicant's Alien Registration Card
(both sides)
  • For applicants who resides in Korea only
16 Insurance certificate or relative document O O
  • Valid in Korea cover disease treatment


College of Korean Medicine

Faculty & Department Introduction
Korean Medicine (preparatory)

2-year preparatory program to nurture students' quality as medical practitioner through studies in science, philosophy, language, and foundational studies

Department of Korean Medicine 4-year program to grow medical practitioners in Korean medicine who can contribute to the health and welfare of mankind
Nursing Science 4-year program to grow medical nurses and educator in nursing

College of Herbal Bio-Industry

Faculty & Department Introduction
Faculty of Bio-Industry Convergence Cosmeceutical Science Students can study cosmetics research, production, and field relative employment. It cultivates cosmetics beauty professionals who lead the cutting-edge futures industry. Cosmetics company researcher, cosmetics and make-up related fields employment
Natural Cosmetic Ingredient This major is to cultivate professional personnel who will drive the global cosmetic industry and develop new cosmetics material based on natural substances and new cosmetic products.
The purpose is to encourage students to become experts in oriental food industry field by providing research and applicate oriental food for health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. Employment in food manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, herbal medicine processing company
Faculty of Cosmetics Science
(Cosmetics Science /
Industrial Quality Engineering /
Industrial Design Engineering)
Through Industry-Academy Linked education, it aims to cultivate practical field experts in cosmetic industry.
Students can study cosmetic related fields including planning, R D, manufacture, design, marketing,
Pharmaceutical Engineering Pharmaceutical professionals are required 3,000 to 4,000 every year domestically. However, the supply of these workers are not reaching the demand. Therefore, this program targets to grow students to become professional workers in pharmaceutical area.
Cosmetics ·Pharmaceutical
Free major
The aim of this major is to cultivate manpower in high-tech bio-industry through learning cosmetics engineering such as cosmetics manufacturing and cosmetics analysis, development of new oriental medicine and future medicine research and development.

College of Medical Science

Faculty & Department Introduction
Faculty of
Public Health
Health Management The goal is to nurture personnel in the public health field. After graduation, students can work in hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health institutes.
Occupation Safety
& Health
It is a discipline that anticipates the risk factors to detect health problems and safety precautions that may occur to people with occupation, and finds problems in advance and takes preventive measures.
After graduation, students can work in the occupational safety and health corporation, hospital research institute, and safety and health research institute.
Physical Therapy This program aims to train professional physical therapist with national accreditation. Graduates can work in various of fields including rehabilitatory facilities, medical facilities, and physical trainers in sports fields both internationally and domestically.
Clinical Laboratory Science
(for localstudents only)
Clinical pathology is a field of the Biomedical Science grafted natural and medical science. Students are trained core skills of diagnostic medicine concerns with diagnosis, treatment, progress, and prognosis of diseases.
Faculty of
Medical Industry Convergence
It aims to teach overall knowledge and theories of medical, training of medical technology, medical equipment. The curriculum consists of an academic intensified and customized education to nurture professionals in medical fields.
Medical IT &
Data Science
Training IT medical technology and data science specialists required in advanced medical industry
Smart IT ltivate talented people with knowledge and practical abilities in game and contents development by cutting edge equipment education condition. Employment - smart app development, game programmer, animator, etc.
Art Therapy To cultivate art therapists who will be leaders in the era of well-being. After graduation, student can be professional personnel who take an important role in alternative medicine field, such as clinical cooperative hospitals, psychological treatment facilities.
Faculty of Herbal Food Cuisine   & Nutrition
(Food Science & Cuisine /
Food Science & Nutrition)
It aims to cultivate oriental Medicine cuisine specialists and health care nutritionist through theory and practice education
Medical Management As a department to train professional managers in the medical industry, nurture medical management experts through education such as hospital management field, medical administration field, e-health field, oriental medicine management field
Secondary Special Education It aims to train students by providing theory and practical skills that are essentially required to become teachers in special education.
Oriental Sports Medicine By combining oriental medicine and sports medicine, we cultivate research manpower to prevent various illnesses that hinder the health and to help people recover their health.
Beauty Care Industry Nurturing professional manpower through education across all fields of beauty industry including skin care, hair care, makeup design, hair design, special makeup and nail.

College of Wellness Convergence

Faculty & Department Introduction
Adolescent Education
and Counseling
Systematically understand the behaviors, cultures, thoughts and personality of adolescents and acquire professional guidance methods based on the knowledge.
Child Welfare Cultivate specialists capable of realizing child welfare through extensive academic research on social welfare, child care and early childhood education. Employed in social welfare institutions, kindergarten teachers, etc.
Counselling Psychology Training in rehabilitation counseling and psychotherapy through field-oriented practical training
Faculty of Trade Economics
(Tax Finance Major /
Global Business Major)
  • Global Business Major educates international economics, international management, trade practice, international marketing, e-commerce.
  • Tax accounting major nurtures tax finance experts who are required by corporations.
Global Tourism Convergence Airline Service Cultivate experts in airline services field who have international culture sense and professional service mind. After graduation, students can work in airline companies, travel agency.
Hotel & Tourism After predicting the demand of cultural industry precisely and cultivate personnel. Hotels, Travel Agencies, etc.
Police Administration Training professional personnel to work in police office and criminal justice agencies
Faculty of Fire Prevention & Safety
(Fire Safety and Environmental Prevention/
Disaster Prevention & Safety Management
Training experts in fields of fire management, disaster prevention safety, and environmental safety through educating disaster management and life safety

International Students Scholarship

All scholarship are awarded in accordance with Daegu Haany University International Students Scholarship Policy.