Korean Language Institute

International Education Center

International Education Center has been established since 2004 in order to provide language courses to the students of Daegu Haany University and to other individuals who are interested in studying Korean language for academic or other purposes.

Teaching staff of the center are qualified Korean language specialists who are professionally trained, and experienced in teaching foreign students Korean language in academic settings. The center provides elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses for Korean language learners based on each individual's proficiency in Korean language, which will be determined by a level test.

Students of these courses will be provided with comprehensive Korean language program which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking classes to improve their Korean language skill as a whole. The center also provides cultural experience to its students by organising excursions, and cultural experience sessions to its students in order to develop cultural understanding of its students. Programs for cultural experience are organised regularly by the center.

Free student counselling services are available during the office hour, and students are closely catered by staffs of International Education Center. The dedicated staffs of the center provide supports to the international students' personal concerns or other issues that students might face due to cultural differences or change of their circumstances.

The center also provides various foreign language program including TOEIC courses, conversation courses, online courses, and Global Competency Program in order to enhance students' perspective in global employment market. The center will continue its effort in providing various language programs for the benefits of Daegu Haany University students.

Korean Course

2012 registration and admission schedule

Semester Application
review/Visa application
Registration New student
arrival date
1st semester Jan. 06 Jan. 09 - Feb. 10 Feb. 13 - Feb. 19 Feb. 20 - Feb. 29
2nd semester Apr. 06 Apr. 09 - May. 04 May. 07 - May. 13 May. 14 - May. 18
3rd semester Jul. 06 Jul. 09 - Aug. 10 Aug. 13 - Aug. 19 Aug. 20 - Aug. 24
4th semester Sep. 28 Oct. 04 - Nov. 02 Nov. 05 - Nov. 09 Nov. 12 - Nov. 16
Domestic stayers Apply up until 2 weeks before the semester start date
(not including processing periods required for change of visa status)

2012 class schedule

Semester 1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
Begin date Mar. 05 May. 21 Sep. 03 Nov. 21
End date May. 14 Jul. 31 Nov. 14 Feb. 01(2013)
  • Not including public holidays (10-week course each semester)
  • Class schedule may change according to circumstances.


Semester Days per a week Hours per a day Class time Students per a class
10 weeks 5 days(Mon. - Fri.) 4 hours 09:10 - 13:00 10 - 15 students
  • The class will be opened when more than 10 students enroll

Entrance requirements

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission

Required documents

No. Documents Remarks
1 1 application form (5 photos, 3cm*4cm)
2 Self introduction In his/her own hand writing, Korean or English
3 Study plan In his/her own hand writing, Korean or English
4 Financial supporting plan In his/her own hand writing, Korean or English
  • one original diploma
  • one official transcript
  • one original notarized diploma
  • one original notarized transcript
Diploma and transcript should be in Korean or English notarized
6 A sponsor’s certificate of employment and a sponsor’s certificate of tax payment
7 A certified original bank statement of the applicant’s account US $3,000 deposited in account for more than 6 months
8 A copy of passport
9 Application fee 50,000 won(KRW) Non-refundable
  • Required documents may be changed or added according to conditions.

Application procedure

  • Application
  • Document
  • Notify applicants
    of results
  • Payment of tuition fee
    and other expenses
  • Issuance of a letter
    of acceptance
  • Processing Visa issuance
    in the Korean Embassy